Anonymous said: JD what’re your thoughts on The Clooneys

JD what’re your thoughts on The Clooneys appearing, do you think they think MM is really pregnant? Or has GC got some Political involvement and are “ Backers “ He does have SOHO connections, was a Hillary supporter, knows all the big names in UK /US. Were they anti Brexit? , I think something stinks big time. Maybe Amal will represent MM. I think with all these big US names involved a baby may appear via surrogate, she’s not pregnant look at pics in NY out with MA.
It’s all pure PR, and I found they are represented by creative artists agency, the Clooney’s, Gayle King, Reese Whitherspoon, OWN, Beyonce.
About a year and a half ago I received a tip that MM went to CAA, we thought they wouldn’t rep her, I think maybe they are now.
Reese was part of a blind item that said she got invited to the royal wedding but thought; I don’t even know these people, declined the invite. CDAN
SNL made fun of the wedding about being invited by text message.
No, I don’t think she is pregnant, surrogate like Hollywood is doing, to save their precious bodies from the after-effects of pregnancy.  There is nothing wrong with surrogacy; it should be celebrated that another woman is willing to help a couple achieve motherhood. We know there is a problem with swimmers and eggs, but why do this? Come out with it already.  All this for a title?  Some humanitarian.
There is a rumor, and it warrants investigation of using the third world country women for surrogacy. A certain couple has made a business of it keep most of the profits and paying these women very little.  Using WoC of color like this is sickening.
There is a reason for checks and balances with background checks of potential parents. The abuse I fear, I have heard the most disgusting stories about pedophiles since doing this.
We looked at the connections, and with Sunshine Sachs, there are political connections, but we need an investigative journalist to follow the trail for us. We can’t do this behind a keyboard.
MM is anti Brexit; she posted on her IG about this subject.
The Smoke and mirrors are falling apart.
Thank you anon 🌸😎


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  1. Yes . I think you have it JD , there are some very deep dark rabbit holes here , not somewhere anyone without the resources or connections would want to go .
    Interesting article currently on the internet about” John of God ” who was heavily promoted by certain stars from this PR firms stable . Makes for eye opening and very disturbing reading .

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