Blind Hello granny

Pop Bitch] Which 3rd generation royal has an initially funny (but gradually grating) habit of unrolling friends’ banknotes when doing coke.
They say “Hello Granny!” to the Queen’s portrait before re-rolling it and hoofing their line.


while I’m at it TP for today:
Darling, what’s your mission when you are talking about a black community in UK and that a 3 percent of black people isn’t enough. Since when is immigration politics topic for the wife of the 6th in line? Shouldn’t it be decision of the British and their elected representatives?

last one:
Things are complex. This is not just about a wannabe princess. Keep patience. The whole truth will come out. In the end, everybody will understand.

How interesting that M’s buddy Trudeau is in trouble.


Thank you anon,  for bringing back TP, a tipster said that this person used to be my troll.  You are allowed to submit links here, pictures don’t hesitate to bring the proof of where you got the information from. I could swear that the blind was used before or I’m having deja vu. 🌸😎

How A Young Royal Greets Granny


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