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I tend not to be a conspiracy person, so I don’t think that the DM is colluding with her. The British are more reserved in what they say than Americans, so the criticisms all come from reading between the lines, and as you just said in K’s post, she either is too dumb to figure it out or wears it like a badge of honor. I loved Jan Moir’s piece in the DM tonight, and Piers said it reservedly. Maybe they are getting pressure from BP to hold off?? The RF is woefully unprepared for MM and her army of social justice warriors. They won’t be able to make her care about things that have no value for her (like approval from HM or the public or the press).

Ok, so this might sound weird, but I think the Express is signaling to us readers what they really want to say without actually saying it. If you read tonight’s headlines, they say everything. The actual stories cover completely different subjects, but I think they might be cluing us into what’s going on behind the scenes. This might be wishful thinking, but here they are: “Meghan Markle WARNING: How the Queen ‘is worried about NIGHTMARE situation with Duchess’,” “How ANGRY William had to protect ‘harassed’ Kate,” “Meghan Markle latest: Will birth of baby trigger further DRAMA?,” “Meghan Markle WARNED about baby shower – ‘Not the way Royals do it’,” “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Morocco trip hit by VIOLENT PROTESTS,” “Royal FURY: How Queen Elizabeth II was ‘UPSET’ with Prince Harry,” “Meghan Markle baby shower ends in disaster with guests left stranded,” “Revealed: the STAGGERING amount Princess Diana earned from divorce.” Am I the only one who sees it?

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Thank you thoughts, very well worded, but can you see why I ask about the Daily Mail, first on the scene, always taken the Markle’s interviews.  It’s legitimate to question; they do all her merchandise. They asked  Peter to contact me and lie like a rug, no research, exclusions of statements, doxing.  That is not a conspiracy; it’s a reality.

Now, the Express has given us clues that they were Markle’s sugar media; we even got a tip she was using them.  I like the Royal Reporter Richard Palmer, I think he is a stand-up guy, but he didn’t author any of the material written to incite sister inlaw against sister in law.

We already knew that when the story begins with Duchess Meghan, it’s one of her stories, we have been told.

Markle had a heavy hand in this; she can choose to say no, don’t do this, so far she is on board.  Markle is the cause of all the ill will.

I do agree with you that the Royal family are not prepared for the Social Media War. It’s coming; they are setting up the narratives that  BRF supporters want to do MM harm, no they don’t.  In over two years I’ve never received one threat against her, a bad joke, some bad taste, but nothing of the sort.

The Royal family need crisis management, and fast,  this is avalanche headed their way.  The blogs are prepared to hold the line and we will, but we need some guidance.

Let me ask you, how much longer do we have? Give me a good guesstimate?  I need to get all my ducks in a row.

I’ll go get Jan Moir she is really good!

Thank you thoughts, 🌸😎


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  1. Yes, you’re right of course about the DM. I didn’t mean to be dismissive of what you’ve been through with them, I’m sorry I didn’t think of that before. I can be naive about what people are capable of. These people are all so ruthless it’s mind boggling.

    Seems like MM is laying out her chess pieces now, first her Serena & Amal squad, then the Beygency that evening. Boom boom. I feel like another shoe is about to drop, don’t you? Interesting it’s all US-based. Your readers support you JD & Vin!!

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