Aida  submitted: Meghan Is A Phoney – Threatens To Sue The DM

Meghan Is A Phoney – Threatens To Sue The DM

Meghan thinks about suing the DM after they published the letter of her father. She’s such a fake, hypocritical b*tch. Everybody knows that she published those People Magazine PR articles so that her letters get published so she can play victim. And now she’s trying AGAIN to play victim because the DM did what she wanted – publishing the letters. I hate this woman. Not only journalists (like that Sun reported) called her out that People Magazine PR move but also A LOT of people on the Internet. Seriously, she’s such a phoney. She’s so going to pull the victim card when the divorce happens. Everybody (the press, the royals, the Brits,…) was soooooooo mean to her. She is Harry’s biggest mistake and will make his life hell after/during the divorce.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, threatens to sue Mail on Sunday

Hey Aida!

Oh please shut up Meghan, The Daily Mail would bury her tomorrow if they wanted.  Keep up the pressure on Meghan.

Thank you, Aida, 🌸😎


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One Comment on “Aida  submitted: Meghan Is A Phoney – Threatens To Sue The DM”

  1. If she did sue, they could drag her father and various family members plus possible her friends that gave the interview which is supposedly why he leaked the letter to testify.
    They could also bring in handwriting experts to verify if was her handwriting and when it was written.
    So, not just the newspapers and reporters could spill but this could spill info as well.

    I’m interested in these KP tweets/deletes this week about her being in labor. It’s happened twice so far.

    Morocco I still think was to keep her from the Academy Awards just like a couple of weeks ago I think was to keep her from the Baftas.

    Now on to the pics/ videos of this new trip. Some interesting ones so far.

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