Forensic photo time! A deer in headlights

deer in headlights

It reminds of this song from the seventies



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  1. Eric Clapton was the first concert I ever attended in 1973. My boyfriend took me. I had no idea who he was. Sure, I heard his songs, but was more into boys and clothes than the etymology of rock. I don’t recall much of the concert, except that my boyfriend was happy, the venue reeked of pot, and I was glad to go home. Sometime later, I went to see Elton John. Cher sneaked in to sit on the edge of the stage. Our seats were close, she was thin and gorgeous. Again, it reeked of pot. You got high by being there. I was shocked they let it happen, but it was such a big place to control, and those were different times. It’s since closed in Maryland.

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