Harry and Meghan arrive in Morocco to buy a baby

Harry & Meghan In Morocco

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Arrive Hand-in-Hand in Morocco for Last Royal Tour Before Baby


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Do you mean before the royal baby buying?  😹😹😹😹😹😹

Thank you, Aida,  😎🌸


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4 Comments on “Harry and Meghan arrive in Morocco to buy a baby”

  1. Logic and common sense doesn’t exist with these two. Harry is going along for the ride. She needs her meal ticket and this is the only way she can get it.

  2. Surely they must realize that no one is going to buy this baby if they show up with one. After all these years of Henry being the subject of paternity issues they pull a stunt like this. It makes no sense. Why on earth would he put a child through the horrors he’s been through?

    1. I forgot to add the part about the baby being “of the body”. Do we know exactly who that applies to? Is it just the wife of the heir or second in line? Does it go farther down the line?

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