It’s Ko! The sheer crassness of the NYC trip

HI JD, How are you? Took me a while to get over the sheer crassness of the NYC trip. But at least we now have open confirmation of the ring of middle-rung supporters and backers though we still do not know the master behind this.
What is the connection between Sunshine Sachs and Creative Art? Does NBCU still have a finger in this pie even post-Suits? If so, why? And where does the loony Lainey fit in? I get where Mio fits in, but surely Lainey is not licking her ass gratis? Cheers Ko
Hey!  Okay, I’m busy trying to move. I hope you are well.
Sunshine is PR, and CAA is talent, there is always going to be a warm relationship with both.  Duchess of York thinks Ken is awesome!  We have a York connection, but I can’t make any definitive conclusion if that is indeed valid. We know Meg studied and weaseled her way into their world via Markus Anderson.
It’s bizarre that CAA clients were invited to the Royal wedding via text message!  Sunshine Sachs is a dominant player in the politic world with Clinton Foundation, Harvey Weinstein just to name a couple.
What I can’t figure is why choose this thirsty actress to do this?  What could be the motive other than The house of York!  It boggles my mind.  Is this being used to make parties quiet from testimony regarding the Epstein case? Could Prince Andrew spill on Pedo Island?  If so damn them to hell!
I think we can rule out NBCU part in the play; they denied the charity scam with MM.
There was a blind, but it was taken down, that MM had blackmailed the network boss for some dirty sexting into paying her for doing network business back in 2017.  So, while she was persuing Harry she was getting paid by the USA network, that show is on a minor cable network, working with a small budget.
Lainey might know where some bodies are buried, but she is friends with Jess Mulroney and the hipsters of Toronto social scene.  She needs Jess via Ben for some juicy Celeb stuff.
Thank you, Ko! 🌸😎