They are picking up their baby in Morocco


Rebecca English tweeted a bit ago that the trip has been extended from 3 days to 4 days, no explanation. They also have an entourage of 9, including medical staff. Rumors are swirling that she is in early labor or that it will be reported she will be in early labor when they return to England. Xo Thoughts

Hey, Thoughts! The circus is back on again, oh joy! I can’t wait for this one.  Will they have a two-day shopping trip ahead of meeting the king?

I dig Rebecca and all my royal reporters, and I wish them a safe journey.

Picking up a baby and she is 6 to 7 month pregnant, NICU incubator for a month or more. MM is truly a Jackass. They are fighting like cats and dogs on the plane.

There is going to be tension, and she will have no clue why people are yelling at her.  Look for Harry to have disparaging looks.


thank you anon 🌸😎


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  1. I posted in an earlier thread.

    Twice this week KP tweeted that she was in labor. The second time was the day of their departure to Morocco. Both were deleted.

    As she is only seven months supposedly, that baby would have to be in a hospital. I was a preemie myself (approx. ten weeks early as she is now). I was in the hospital for just under two months and weighed just under five and a half pounds when I finally got released from the hospital.

    They do not have a medical team with them. They just have provisions made with Moroccan medical authorities. Any baby they had would not be travelling home with them without a lot of medical equipment and staff. And only then to a UK hospital not to home.

    Having seen the pics of their arrival, it does not seem like they’d get away with this.

    The real question is why did this private last day get added? Actually, why did they arrive at night to start the trip? It really seems that they wanted her not in LA at the Oscars. This added private day at the end of the trip is suspect.

    1. Apparently the tweets (about being in labor) were fake. They deleted a previous “KP” account last August/Sept. when they were posting things like the “pregnancy” announcement.

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