Thoughts~ the Queen has not say in Brexit

A connection to royals isn’t going to affect Brexit the Queen has no say in that. So that is not an issue. As for Clooney, his star has faded been a while since he had a hit and time moves quickly in H Wood. I think maybe Amal wants a knighthood (Dame) and might be silly enough to think hanging with Megsy will help her?

Hey, Thoughts!

Yes, I get that, Why are MM trolls using this?Β  It’s a stupid tactic other than to humiliate.

That’s Right! Now, George looks for any opportunity to keep himself in the spotlight. Who knows what Amal wants, but that could be plausible.Β  These people need to know that it takes years to be knighted. Is she even a citizen of the UK, I don’t know much about her, I really don’t care about these two, lol.


Thank you thoughts! 🌸😎


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