Hey People!

Since JD will have a few busy days, I will try to be around as much as I can to answer anything you have and keep things running. All I have to say is things are a mess on the blogs. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Oh and I’m posting random crap later on also.



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  1. And there’s a video where they’re joking about a pillow. There’s a pillow that a woman received an MBE on that Henry says she can keep it and says “shhh”and shows how she should hide it under her clothes. I don’t have any audio and limited video so I’m just going by what others have said, but this just keeps getting more ridiculous.
    The Dior dress was a bad idea. Things are showing, poking out…I said more in another post about this mess

  2. I wish Meghan would stop constantly touching and playing with her hair, especially when she then starts shaking hands.
    Is she wearing a fake tan? There are pics focused on the henna tattoos and it seems like she’s got her upper arm near the sleeve a darker color than the lower are and hand where the tattoos were done.

    1. I agree Mary! She also looks to me like she’s wearing a full body hollywood fat suit a la Shallow Hal underneath that hideously unflattering blush Dior caftan she has on tonight. Plus it looks like she is deliberately trying to copy Kate’s maternity dress she wore to the reception in Sweden (I think?), which is just weird. Plus her disrespect to Harry by walking in front of him, “introducing” him, making him hold her flowers etc. This has gone from bad to worse the past few days. Valentino, Dior, bump clutching, fat suit wearing, walking in front of Harry, speaking out of turn, preaching feminism. It’s just nuts. Only 24 hours and she is making every mistake she possibly can. You know how they say that a baby will expose cracks in a marriage? The baby hasn’t even been handed over yet and it’s just awful to watch.

      1. The Daily Mail pictures of her in the Bride of Frankenstein dress are classic narcissistic Meghan. there’s several pictures where she’s looking straight at the camera. She can careless about the people around her, it’s all about getting the perfect shot for pr. And the hand holding and puppy eyes are over the top fake. I’m sure they were told to do that.. But the most eye popping picture is the one of her near the end. There’s two side by side pictures of her and the one on the right shows her square stomach again! It’s unmistakable. I know this is mean, but I wish they would just call it a “miscarriage”, donate the moonbump to a sex ed class and go their separate ways.. I feel like someone needs to call Child Services to protect the moonbump, what’s going to happen once Harry takes out his Gold Card and pays for the pick of the litter?

    2. I think fake tan has been mentioned before, she definitely wears darker make up on her face than necessary, it looks quite odd as her arms and legs are all much paler !

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