JKR  submitted:Confusing Royalty With Showbiz

Confusing Royalty With Showbiz

Harry knows the dangers of confusing royalty with showbiz – now he has to tell his wife: The Prince’s biographer (and stalwart supporter) gives her heartfelt words of advice following Meghan’s baby shower


“Surrounded by the world’s media and her own pack of protection officers, Meghan appeared to delight in the showbiz-style attention.

And in the process she made a mockery of recent claims by her film star friend George Clooney that – like the late Princess Diana – she has been victimised, ‘vilified and chased’ by the press.”


Meghan Markle is not going to get away with this. I appreciate you bringing this to me. It’s outrageously offensive to taxpayers!  Thank you JKR 🌸😎



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