Aida submitted:Harry and Meghan’s ‘askew, off-kilter, weird’ trip to Morocco

Harry and Meghan’s ‘askew, off-kilter, weird’ trip to Morocco

Royal watchers are puzzled by the trip, but at least it’s not the disaster that was Elizabeth’s 1980 visit


I’ve heard a rumour Meghan was planning on going straight from the baby shower to make a surprise appearance at the Oscars. This trip was arranged so she would have to come back to the UK then Morocco. She doesn’t care about being in the royal family or representing Britain, it’s all about fame.

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Hey Aida! Yes, I believe you right! Meghan only cares about Meghan, this humanitarian crap is flying out the window.  It’s Fame! All the way baby!

No baby yet, so the YouTuber and others are wrong the bambino is not coming from Morocco.

This video is funny, the lady congratulates them and then the comment is it mine, LOL.

I believe most of it was practiced poses making disingenuous, more 💩💩.

Thank you, Aida, 🌸😎


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