verona  submitted:Not a fan of Harry’s wife

Not a fan of Harry’s wife

I don’t care about her personal clothing style. I don’t like the outfits she’s wearing, but that’s not a terribly important thing.

If she were a lovely, modest, intelligent person with good judgment, I wouldn’t give a hoot even if everything she wore were hideous.

What matters is how she comports herself. The choices she makes, the words, she speaks, the manner in which she treats her husband, etc. And even if she had the most elegant of dressers, she is a self-aggrandizing, rude, disrespectful, globalist who simpers and clings and massages her “bump” and is a thorough embarrassment.

Meghan shrieks about “feminism” but I think we should care less about what women put on their bodies and put more emphasis on what’s in their hearts and minds. And Meg is fake and vulgar to the core.

Thank you anon! Perfect!🌸😎