Anonymous said:After someone posted about the videos

After someone posted about the videos, I went back and looked, and she does go first in the majority of them, including with the King. She shakes hands first and then introduces Harry. Very strange. It wouldn’t work like that in any professional environment. The senior person goes first, and the rest follow. I honestly don’t get it. She even got out of the car, and he had to run around to her and immediately grabbed her hand. He’s not a prince anymore; he’s Handmaiden Harry, her personal assistant.
The anons are good today! I agree with this poster! Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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  1. Harry is proving himself to be a left wing liberal both in his choice of friends or acquaintances and by his behaviours .
    He’s the equivalent of a male “feminist” allowing his wife to precede him , literally and figuratively . He thinks he’s doing it for female / male equality !

    Breaking the rules is their game , this is the face of the” New Royal Order” 😁 Expect to see more of this .
    What the RF are forgetting is during times of both economic and social hardship and uncertainty people look for consistency and stability .
    Being relevant doesn’t mean adopting and allowing trendy and obviously inappropriate behaviours for the new upcoming younger Royals .
    It’s going to prove to be a huge mistake unfortunately.

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