Crazy Question

This might sound like a crazy question. But with the fake news coming from KP twitter, specifically on Saturday about Meghan going into labor, I really don’t believe a lot that comes from them anymore. Especially when it’s about her because her PR has more influence than most realize. Anywho, is there a possibility the Morocco trip was planned by her PR then published as if it was at the request of HM? They accomplished absolutely nothing, so the trip was another epic fail. Who wears a 98,000Β£ dress to a business casual event.πŸ˜’


It’s entirely possible, Meghan took over the entire trip!Β  HM did send a message to the King, but other than that it was a PR merching ploy so she could get paid.

KP has lost a lot of credibilities since Meghan came aboard, many seasoned Kate and Will Bloggers that never said a nasty word got blocked. No apologies, no nothing. IG KP is a mess and Meghan is responsible for the doxing!

A family who I love and adore is allowing this nonsense to continue and I can’t wait for the day when I can get off the leash.Β  I’m the least offensive anti meg blogger out there.

With every war there are casualties, MM didn’t kill me, and I’m still breathing. This soldier shall continue.Β  FACT!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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