Let’s do a Kate and Will day, how about The York girls?


Stay positive about the Royals, No MM, and Harry, I’m sick to death of them.


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8 Comments on “Let’s do a Kate and Will day, how about The York girls?”

  1. I think you’re doing the right thing JD . I really admire you for continuing with your website . Its not a small thing running a blog and if you’re going to do it why not have some fun ? . There’s too much negativity in the world and these two are really full of negativity . If you’re dealing with that in any situation on a daily basis it can seep into your private life

    I watched the Cambridges in Belfast , the way they interacted with the children (the kids loved Kate ) and everyone around them was a pleasure to watch . They are natural and sincere in everything they do .

    I believe they understand the meaning of duty and service to others. In a world of celebrity culture where these values are seen as boring and old fashioned Kate and Williams attitude is not only refreshing but essential if the RF are to continue and hopefully make a difference .
    There are a lot of other categories on your site that are well worth a look . My next stop : Politics ! One of my favourite subjects and always good for a laugh if nothing else ! 🤣🤣🤣❤

  2. I am with you JD. M bores me and Harry gives me the shits literally. 😂😂😂

  3. Good idea JD ! The Harkles give me indigestion 😁

    Who wouldn’t love Catherine ? She is really quite lovely , never puts a foot wrong , a future Queen . Her stance on raising children is wonderful considering family values are being devalued , being a feminist doesnt always mean being right on and agressive. William takes his position as a future King very seriously , these two will assure the future of the monarchy .

    The York girls are definitely worth watching , Eugenie does so much work for charitable causes , as does her sister Beatrice , and all without any fanfare . These two would be perfect as more official RF representatives, I wonder if not having them on the official “payroll ” is a mistake . .

    1. Thank you, Kate , I have goosebumps, it must be true then. This is what we do from now on. If People want to keep gabbing about DoS, take it to the forum. I don’t want it on the blog unless the press calls out the wrongdoing.

      The York girls do these good deeds on their own; this my friends is worthy of our attention.

    2. I agree with Kate, and they are loyal to the Queen. The charity work they did on their own, I’m proud of them. If something comes up, I will happily blog them. They need someone in their corner.

      Catherine, sweet, kind Kate, our athlete, mum, fashionista she is someone that is going to take the BRF to the next level when their turn arrives. I’d instead do positive than negative any day. Like you said it spills over into your personal life and it has. Too much pressure going on and I really don’t like being trolled and called a racist for no reason cos I don’t care for the Excesses. That’s going to stick LA, lol

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