This is Not A Competition

Anons writing in, sounding almost upset that JD’s blog isn’t good anymore. Why? Because she is on the way out of posting anything Meghan related? Because she is tired of posting everything Meghan related? Yes, there are other blogs, and they are very good blogs, for them to visit. Please don’t come here with that attitude. We all choose to do what we want with out platforms. We have been preaching for MONTHS that we do not want to make that girl a main discussion here. So yeah, if you don’t like it here, please visit somewhere else and don’t bother with us. Over 5 million visits. You won’t be missed. We are tired of the attitudes.



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  1. The Royal Collection displaying HRH Princess Eugenie, Mrs. Brooksbank and Mr. Jack Brooksbank’s wedding attire is now open for viewing (closes 22 April). Both of her dresses and pairs of shoes are included along with Jack’s suit, Beatrice’s outfit and shoes, Teddy’s dress and shoes, Louis’s outfit and shoes, the bridal bouquet, and the tiara will all be viewable.

    Eugenie also posted pics of her parents as children on instagram. I’m hoping that’s a hint about pitter patter.

    As for her and Beatrice and qualifications, they both graduated university with Beatrice getting hers in history/history of ideas with a 2:1 degree from Goldsmith College. She also worked for no salary for a time at the Foreign Office. Now she’s a VP at her new job and does a lot of speaking. She’s also quite athletic and has done a number of such things for charities. Along with her and Eugenie being patrons of teenage cancer trust, she is also a patron for dyslexia sufferers as she suffers from this herself.

    Eugenie graduated from University of Newcastle where she studied art history, politics, and English lit. Her degree is a 2:1 in art history and English lit. She worked at Paddle 8 in NYC for about two years before starting with Hauser and Wirth in London in 2015 as an associate director. She is now a director and travels a bit for work as her company has locations throughout the world. She did a bike race for charity and is a patron for Young Tate’s, Project 0, her anti slavery collective, scoliosis sufferers, elephants and big cats sanctuaries, and she and Beatrice are supporting StreetchildUK.

    I’m sure there are other things to add, but that just some info. I can think of off the top of my head.

    Henry and Meghan are not and should not be the focus of the BRF. They are their generations Andrew and Sarah.

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