Lupita to be the next Bond Girl

Markles gonna shit her pants Apparently Lupita is being courted as the next Bond girl
This is what I’ve learned over the past two years, actors will send feelers out to let executes, and fans know they are interested.  Henry Cavill has been eyeing Bond for a few years.

Maybe the next Bond girl, the word MAYBE it’s speculation, but it tells fans to rally support for this part.

Markle’s PR team made that up, and she was never in the running for Bond.

Lupita is talented and naturally beautiful. There is no comparison to Markle.  It’s cool to get a rise out of her, get her all pissed off and dox me again!  LOL

What a dummy, we were moving away from Markle. Maybe she got mad about that. The friends agree; she causes indigestion. 🤢 I want entertainment, lifestyle and royal blog, not a Meghan Markle blog.

Thank you anon 🌸😎