Aida  submitted:Dumb MM fans

Dumb MM fans

There’s a user called “sussexkid” who constantly uses the race card and attacks Kate here:

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“Here, Meghan. I’ve been kind of a cunt.”

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They need to be flagged, I don’t know how to do it, but someone needs too.  This person has a reader blog, and her quest is to call people racist and hags.  How grown up of her.  No valid arguments.

Racism comes in all kinds of forms; even people hating white people is racism.  thedrunkduchess too is saying kate is drunk off her ass.  When is enough an enough?

Reminder about dueling narratives to keep MM name going by feeding both sides with misinformation so they will attack one another.  It’s never a good idea.

Thank you for submitting this Aida. 🌸😎


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