Anonymous said: I’m the video with music anon

I’m the video with music, I can still hear people talking and booing. So they didn’t do a good job hindering the background noise.
You must have super senses anon, and it’s all inconclusive. Why would people be shouting at a palace?  I have to ask you these questions.  I never heard the word repugnant, booing there would have been reactions from the people around them.  There were none.
We seek the truth, one thing I do know is Royal reporters and photographers must act respectfully at all times.  To do this would mean they are never invited and have their press passes revoked.
Unless you’re a genius that can remove the music I still have to call it as I see it, it’s inconclusive that anyone booed or taunted.
Find me a tweet from a reporter or photographer that will say that?
Sorry, Anon, 🌸😎JD


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  1. Hi JD and friends i think that in the video the anon is refering to you can clearly hear the photographer says “she’s bitching in the car” it starts at 1:57 and just as he is saying that you can see MM in the car making movements with her head as if she was nagging Harry lmao

    1. I went over what you are talking about 8 times, I hear BIT with an accent, no booing. No one is going to take it seriously. We have to pick our battles carefully. We need a reporter or photographers to verify that. Thank you, Cosmo

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