Anon: Says, I think he is wake

I think he is awake. I think the BRF knows exactly what they are dealing with. And I think they wait for the pillow to arrive. And then they deal with it.

What will she do with the pillow? throw it on the sofa or a beautiful decor for the bedroom 

Does she have a surrogate someplace who won’t pass the DNA test? we will never know

Do they then kick her skank ass out with no money and a poor child? watch the name calling, BRF will support the child

Will she fake a stillbirth? IDK

Or will there be no baby but as this wacko strong write says she will refuse to do pics and hide at Froggie or SFH pretending to have a baby? possible, no SFH she doesn’t live there 🙄

So she can hang on longer and merch? possible

Will the RF finally end it? No, up to Harry to clean his shit up, when he is done they will protect their own

Admit it this is one amazing story. Who would have thunk eh? Haha, very funny, eh? It’s like a mystery dinner theatre, and There are books to be written about this.  I hope that someone hits me up and writes it for me. Obviously, I’m not a good writer or typist. 

It is getting too dangerous – it will end. And then the RF pr machine will go into high gear to bail Harry. You can count on it. Megs won’t go away quietly or without a huge payment. We all know she is going to write the mother of all tell-all books.  That will be worth more than any payout they could offer her. 


Well, thank you for your anon, lots of speculation there. No, he isn’t awake, or he would have stopped this crazy train.  You do have to think about, what did he do to make this happen? Is it so horrific that he had to do this? And if so why would we support that behavior?  The accuser is going about this unlawfully which makes them guilty as well.  Does that mean the standoff will go on forever? No, it can’t something has to give.

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Stop calling it a pillow! That is ridiculous! If they are having a baby by surrogate, we will never know about it. They won’t release DNA to anyone! The BRF will cover this 💩 up.  The child, it seems, will have a horrible life with innuendos, just like Harry.

My opinion, I agree with anon that told me about the empathy suit.

The Royal Family need to hire Crisis Management now!  The Beehive has been alerted and let me tell you BRF are not going to win the Social Media war unless we get ahead of the wave. The British press has to take a page from the Americans, write plainly and to the point.

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Oprah! Please see the writing on the wall she is going to out people.  If they deserve it more power to her, but she is a hypocrite in my eyes, I loved her but not anymore.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

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  1. I think most of us wanted to like her in the beginning. Before we knew the term, “gaslighting”! For PH’s sake, we wanted him to finally be happy, loved and respected, by a wife. We would have excused her genuine blunders during the first year. Instead, we got outright planned acts of counter-royal.

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