They have just lost the tiny bit of respect I had for them…

Reporters contacting private citizens, blasting those citizens in their crap ass paper, for comments that are NOT HATEFUL OR ABUSIVE, asking us what do we know and how we feel. Acting all fucking nice just to get any info that they can to dox us, shady ass mother fuckers. They release this shit to protect HER? Now they come up with this shit? Where the fuck were they when we got picked on? Where are they now? Haven’t heard a peep from anyone about it, but this shit happens. I want nothing more to do with them, so don’t expect any posts about them from me. I am officially livid, and annoyed.



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  1. Yep Amal is supposed to be a big shot human rights lawyer. As for being George’s beard love it!

  2. Another article is all about her post-Henry life in a $25 mill. upper east side apartment in NYC that her friend’s will be renting out for her until she needs it. Amal is supposed to be a special consultant for her when she needs to sort out a divorce.
    This constant barrage of “leaks” and just plain story after story after story ad nauseum is just as harmful and is egging people on. This needs to stop as well. (I don’t think it will as many are making lots of money off of it all.)
    Can anyone see Meghan’s post royal life as an author and public speaker? I can’t.

    1. Who is Amal anyway? Isn’t she some kind of civil rights lawyer or something?

      1. An international law and human rights lawyer who has some interesting family members and is rumored by some to be George’s beard. Other than that, I’ve no idea who she is really.

    2. Meghan’s so called career after Harry will be very limited. No one is interested in her.

  3. Wow the RF have really sunk to a new low. Damage control to threaten and silence the masses following the outcry by the justified public after HER outrageous NYC Display. If they publicly look like they’re attacking the people for having a negative opinion regarding their behaviour, the people will call for a republic. They can’t only have glowing adulation on SM, accept their role rightfulkybattracts criticism or get off the public platform…

  4. Unfortunately the RF are often badly advised by people who have no idea about the” real “world . However it seems from the wording of the article they have taken advice from Serena Williams and her PR team and this is the “big guns ” mentioned previously in the media . Which , If true is bizarre .

    All I can say is they have made a HUGE mistake . The RF are here only because the people will it . We pay for this family to represent us and this is not part of the contract between it and the people it serves .

    If the people of GB can’t express their feelings without censure and threats the RF need to get off SM and start listening and reflecting as to why this is happening now , and why this has not happened before MM joined the “Firm ” This action is unprecedented , nothing was done when Catherine was abused .
    I don’t see how the RF can continue making these serious ill advised PR blunders , there are always calls for a Republic , but for the RF this may become a reality sooner rather than later .

  5. Meghans been in Harrys ear again – only explanation … wish he’d take his nuts back 🤦‍♀️🤬

  6. I’ve not bothered reading the articles about KP and commenters. Does it say why they don’t just turn off the comments sections on their SM pages or even just delete their SM altogether?

    They didn’t use to have these things. We had to buy newspapers, “Royalty” or “Majesty” to follow them. Then, we could write letters to them and get responses back.

  7. My God how dare they. Words fail me I too am too angry. The Royal Family are finished.

    1. Why didn’t they put this in motion when Kate was getting hounded by paps, the exes getting harassed? Where the fuck were they then?

      1. The abuse Kate got was disgusting. This though is all due to Meghan and Harry and don’t let anyone forget that. This will backfire in a HUGE way.

  8. Yeah, I just tweeted about this bs. HOW DARE the arrogant BRF threaten me, a US citizen, with possible police action (?!?!?) if I express disgust for that narcissistic skank?? Will they deny me a visitor’s visa next? I don’t do racism and threats. But EVERYTHING legitimately calling out MEagain’s ATROCIOUS behavior is labeled racist and threatening.

    All of this for HER? Maybe the UK IS ready for a republic, cuz this set of stupid royals just trampled all over its subjects. Disgusting. The queen has lost her moxy.

    1. YES! Exactly! Thank you… I want to see them go after the assholes that threaten us, and other people because we don’t kiss her ass

      1. Exactly. Bring it, Queenie! (and the rest of the arrogant, secret-keeping, tax-wasting, Harry-infantilizing fam…)

    2. She is a Druid, ordained in 1946. She allowed Harry to marry Meghan. Rumored that Andrew is not PP’s. Owns sizable land, perhaps largest landowner in the world. If I am reading this scenario correctly, they are happy to let it fly with Meghan being vocal, driven and hardcore feminist. Her bffs are..interesting. AC is GC’s beard, she used a surrogate. Do I need to run down the list of attributes for the other friends? PH is happy to take a back seat. He’s tired. He would like to sit on a beach all day and do nothing, while his wife works. She wants power. This is the 21st century. Bulldoze. Instagram life. Madam Meghan as Fembot Ruler. Title for her child, that kid rules and reigns, too. ‘cuz Daddy’s tired and over it all. Are Kate and Meghan Druids, too?

  9. It’s so ridiculous. Sure they can block people. Everybody else does that without releasing a statement of intent, though. They could also get off social media, especially as it was mostly set up by punks who are publicly anti monarchy anyway, why should they be on there?

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