Dirty shoes! It’s so much more than that!

JD, Dirty shoes again! Why? I do not understand? Where does she find dirt, in England, there is no asphalt? I am ashamed!


That would be on Meghan Markle; she wants to have it her way, the control freak!  The woman can insist on wearing bespoke at 10k but has shit shoes on; it means she has no class.

Since the Camilla Toimeny article praising her by Prince Charles as the savior of the monarchy, I have lost my faith in them.

Many of you have talked to me privately and feel the same way. A once mighty Monarchy has turned into a family for sale by the super wealthy and can be easily influenced by Hollywood.  I’m crushed!

Isn’t there anyone out there looking out for the best interests of British Royal Family? More accountability is needed, people are living in the streets, and you praise someone that spent a half a million on a trip to NYC for a pap fest, and merchandising opportunities then claim, it was paid for privately?  That is unacceptable; people need to drive the message home and this time directly at BRF, not Meghan Markle.

Vote on YouGov UK; the press uses that, turn it from millennials voting to actual baby boomers who vote in elections.

I may not be an expert in politics, one thing I know when your country hurts, you don’t spend money and flaunt it in the citizen’s faces.  Especially with Brexit looming and I will be honest with you there isn’t strong enough leadership to exit.  The timeline to pull away isn’t enough time.  Our president backs the people of the UK in their decision to leave; you have a friend with the United States of America.

The UK is having what we had in the 1700s, taxation without representation. Your tax is to accept floods of refugees from Africa, not Syria.  No plan to support and care for them. The NHS is overworked, underfunded.  My dear friend Sadie from Wales had to wait for a hernia operation that left her racked with pain and unbearable swelling for months; I believe she said she looked pregnant. Is that okay? No, it isn’t.

The UK charities are in question. We need more investigative journalists like the Guardian indicating that money laundering may be happening with Russian Billionaires and England. It’s time for real change to what could be a giant scam of this century regarding the BRF, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, now throw in MM and Harry’s Pologate in there, time to wake up and stop buying the bullshit happening.

Enty, the entertainment lawyers blind item that said, MM wants the people she represents to pay them for their appearances it’s time for real change.

I know you must be thinking, JD this ask was about dirty shoes, oh it’s much more than that.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

Anon believes Charles wanted this

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