Estee Lauder Soft Clean

Review of Estee Lauder Lauder Soft Clean Moisture foaming cleanser.

Soft Clean

Retails for $22, nice scent, foams quickly without having to use a lot of the product.  I use cheap white wash clothes, ensuring bacteria free use, with a little more exfoliation, skin shreds two layers, be nice to the largest organ on your body.

It worked brilliantly! Splash warm water to get any residue off and splash with cool water for your pores. Pat your face with a clean towel leaving it a bit moist apply your favorite moisturizer.

I signed up for the Estee Lauder site that gives you a 15% discount on your first order; they also have a loyalty program.  I would recommend this product to people with a T-zone or even oily skin since you will be applying the moisturizer that works best for you.  There wasn’t any oily residue at all.

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