Use this link to comment, bring links, pictures, and video on the dirty shoes, it’s so much more.

All posts on go to the forum, it’s self serve to post.  Please use this, you can add a topic, and it’s more than Royals here.  You must be subscribed to post.

Please flag any post that is spam in nature, racist, homophobic.

Use your freedom of expression, speech. Note: that when a twinkie’s comments, let them pass, we may not like what they say, but they have the right to say it as long as they are respectful and can bring a good argument.  Any speech that includes harm to your person or anonymity will be tossed., Flag it!

Don’t use real names, we don’t share anyone’s Email address and for your safety never let anyone know your facebook page.  The Twinkie’s think they can expose: aka Dox you; it’s illegal.

I suggest getting a Gmail account for your Social Media needs. Stay ANON!

Thank you JD and friends 🌸😎


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