AirMiles Harry ~ Holiday Harry~ Soho Harry

Well, Harry has fully embraced his naughty boy side. He is in Berlin staying at Soho House for a tourism trade fair.

Cause AirMiles Harry is interested in sustainable tourism. He finally found a so-called worthy cause that will be cover for all his vacations (he isn’t called Holiday Harry for nothing) and he can get them free!!!!

Not to mention the trade show is a cover for some hardcore partying with the creeps at Soho House. The real Harry emerges in public.


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Next thing Harry will have the Duke of Excess channel on YouTube!  Complete with an ill-fitting suit that he’s required to merch to get paid! Wow! He is working and sponging off taxpayer! Did he sponge a private jet because being with all of you is beneath him now?

I want to know how much did his momager Meghan ask for his appearance?  Way back, I said Meghan Markle will use him like a circus monkey, told you so!

Isn’t trade the Prince of York’s job? Oh well, let’s all make a profit off of being public servants who are supported with tax money.  Can we take the HRH back now from these clowns?

I love the Cambridge’s and the ladies of the monarchy, but this is all too much hence why this website has demoted them to the forum.

People, please submit the York girls, Kate, Anne, HM, William doing charitable works.  We beg you!

What could possibly go wrong?! You arrogant twit!

Thank you, Anon, 🌸😎JD


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4 Comments on “AirMiles Harry ~ Holiday Harry~ Soho Harry”

  1. Couldn’t have put it better . The only thing I’d like to add to this is that Harry’s strutting around on the stage , hand on hip was very disturbing . This man( ? ) is representing the RF , paid for by the British public . I didn’t realise he was a celebrity . Harry obviously believes he is .
    The entire “show ” was a disgraceful display of self indulgence . The speech :a mish mash of psycho babble and NewAge rhetoric aimed at vulnerable , impressionable young teenagers . The teenagers will hopefully grow up , unfortunately it seems Harry hasn’t or won’t.

    “I am with you , we are with you ” This was the best part of this excruciating speech , all I can say is” Of course you are Harry” ………..

    1. Harry, may have always wanted it way, I can’t blame just Markle, I blame both of them for spending massive amounts of money on her fame. He needs an adult minder

      1. Absolutely ! Totally agree JD . Harry may act like a juvenile but he has free will , no one has “coerced ” him, this is down to both of them . Maybe this is just how Harry is and Markle just gave him the opportunity to be himself . Yes, he does need a minder, someone needs to find the balls to step up, do the right thing and say no or tell him to engage brain before opening mouth ! .

        On to good things . Did you see the photos of Kate during the Blackpool trip ? Catherine is so good with children , and everyone she speaks to , she makes me smile as I’m watching her . 😊

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