Escorted Out by The Queen’s Equerry

Not sure if someone else mentioned this, but one of the “guards” that ran up to H&M in that video to escort them out from the room (Prince Charles’ Investiture Celebration) was Major Nana Kofi Twumasi-Ankrah . He’s The Queen’s equerry – like an aide or secretary recruited from one of the British Armed Forces. What a wonderful accomplishment for Major Nana and he’s also an Afghanistan war vet!

Here’s an article about him:

All in all, not a good look for H&M to be escorted out by The Queen’s equerry lol

Thank you for the correct term to his position. He is a war hero, and I do remember this happening.

They held the Excesses back but what was waiting for them on the other side of the door? Fanfare?  I have to watch some videos to make sure.

Why give her VP of the Queen’s Commonwealth?  That’s a reward, not a punishment.  Naturally, since Harry is president,  they would automatically give her VP of the Queen’s Commonwealth, that’s the other argument.

We have to stop thinking the Royals don’t like her and turn the tables.  They do like her, or why let her get away with all of this?  Are they glutens for punishment?  It’s deja vu, Princess Diana, all over again.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎



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  1. I think you are correct. We have to turn the tables on ourselves. We think because they are public figures we can have and state an opinion on what they do. I don’t think they feel that way at all. They are above us. They are royal.We are not liked as people or appreciated as individuals. We are merely causes and charities and subjects without identity. I think all this guidance rules nonsense is not Meghan doing her thing. This is the RF saying it’s none of your business what we do. We have a queen who for the last forty years has taken a stance of can’t we all get along and has done nothing more because she hates confrontation. We have an heir who has a large concern that he can’t indulge his favorite causes as king. Britains hope is the Cambridges. I’ll be long dead before they become king and queen. The Commonwealth should seek independence and the monarchy needs to go. This passive aggressive ruling is no good for anyone.

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