Meghan is in Control

Say thank you to Harry. They spent some 100k on a company to analyze their twitter account to discover 20 people and 5K responses.

This is Meghan exercising her control, and THEY GIVE IN TO IT. Notice too royal forums usually are live streamed, but the feminist bull shit is being released AFTER the event. That is Meghan controlling her image again so the tape can be edited if anything goes wrong.

No more delusions she has them by the balls they will do whatever she demands. Harry Wales – this is the legacy you leave behind the destruction of the Monarchy. We see the real Harry now.

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The Duchess Of Sussex Joins A International Women’s Day Panel Discussion

Yep, they made a big deal over nothing!  I was thinking about since I posted the article.  Is the author trying to say that this small group got under the skin of the mighty Monarchy?  What about the Twinkies chanting Queen Meghan and threatening bodily harm to reporters?  One-sided reporting?

More money wasted because of the inferiority complex MM has.  The millions of tweeters came down to 20 of them.  I ‘m waiting for my apology.

Some of these tweeters were using both sides to get them to fight, they tagged me relentlessly, they tagged over 46 tweeters to get reactions.  Just because you tag me doesn’t mean I agree with you or the way the message is being sent.

Are they making awareness of the circus and people are using their eyes to see what’s really going on? I support these women to use their free speech, and the satire is funny AF.

Take a look at this picture; WTF are you kidding?

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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  1. You bet she is in control. She can say and do whatever she likes and no one is stopping her. Thanks Harry you are a real dickhead. You have singlehandedly ensured the end of the BRF. When she divorces you I won’t feel one bit sorry for you as you deserve what will come. You will be paying a brutal price for your arrogance for the rest of your life.

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