Wake Up! Markle is here until she decides she wants to go

Wake Up!  the BRF want her there or why let her get away with all her shenanigans? They are rewarding Markle. Harry stomps his feet, and they get whatever they want.   More Holidays for the Excesses!  Meghan Markle is here to stay.

They weren’t shunned at Prince Charles 50th. MM is being rewarded for helping the Royals reach new popularity.

We have had PR trolls dropping untruths, and we believed them, it’s not the case.  Don’t listen to these people.

This is the reason why Vin and I say, and they aren’t worth your effort.

You want to do something about it, go to YouGov.UK and vote on all the Royals. Those numbers drop, something will happen.

In the meantime look forward to massive amounts of spending in the future. Prince Charles was supposed to downsize, and he is expanding it and giving the Excesses their Court.

Wake Up!

Currently MMs backer is Prince Charles😖



4 Comments on “Wake Up! Markle is here until she decides she wants to go”

  1. The Cambridges will not be able to withstand the backlash of opposition to the monarchy after the reign of Charles. His mother too passive and Charles a pot stirrer. I hope they all spend money until it’s bankrupt.

  2. Thank you! Finally some sense and reality. She isn’t being punished or pushed out. She is not on unsteady ground. She is being relentlessly feted and rewarded. She’s been turned into the “youth” rep of the BRF, never mind her pushing 38. She’s there until she no longer wants to be. HM and PC, for their own reasons, want her there. They continue to give her royal sponsorships and spotlights. None of them are victims (except maybe the Cambridges). The BRF is loving the attention.

    Royal dignity be damned. They’ve turned revolting, narcissistic, limousine-ibtard globalist Hollywood. God help the UK if Charles becomes king…

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