Berlin- Prince Harry ~ Duke of York

Well he did not stay at the conference long two hrs it was said in Bild, and he was receiving people in a roped off area Bild also said. So he did not attend any of the talks. KP said he was “investigating” lol.

The same day The Duke of York this afternoon received Her Excellency Ambassador Madame Dho Young-shim (Chairperson of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation’s Sustainable Tourism for Eliminating Poverty Foundation, Republic of Korea) at St. James’s Palace. It seems like Harry would have done better having that meeting than going to Berlin unless he went there more for the evening mtg.


I really need the link to verify and for the readers.

OMG!!!!! You’re🤬  kidding me! Didn’t I say that is Prince Andrew job? MM is pushing sexual Slavery that Eugenie’s and Jule’s baby.

Royals don’t do this to one another ever! That meeting for sustainable tourism was on the 6th?? WTH

Thank you anon!!!!! 🌸😎JD


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  1. Hang on, is that right JD? The talk he was going to attend was on the 6th? Before he left?

    1. 7 March 2019
      Kensington Palace
      The Duke of Sussex, Patron, the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, today attended a series of Meetings at the ITB Berlin Convention, CityCube Berlin, Messedamm 26, Berlin, Germany.

      The Duchess of Sussex, Patron, Mayhew, this morning received Miss Caroline Yates (Chief Executive Officer).

      the conference for this subject was on the 6th at 17:00 hours

      1. Cooperation for a Sustainable Development through Tourism:

        For decades, tourism has been experiencing steady growth, from which developing and emerging countries have benefited to an above average extend. This growth brings many opportunities for those countries – as well as risks. It is therefore all the more important to actively support the development of tourism and create adequate conditions that tourism can contribute to a sustainable development in the destinations.

        Yet, what does this look like in practice? How do development and tourism policies work together with the private sector in a meaningful way? How can the German government contribute to strengthen the positive effects generated through German outbound tourism as well as to minimise negative impacts? Moreover, which concrete measures are implemented locally to develop a “sustainable destination”?

        For the third time, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is hosting the ITB Tourism for Sustainable Development Day as part of the ITB Convention. These questions above will be discussed together with representatives of the private sector and politics from both Germany and the destination countries.

      2. I feel like we’re watching a secret reality show … it’s getting unbelievable. THIS is meant to be the UK & Commonwealth Royal Family – reduced to a tawdry he said, she said, he wore, she wore blah blah blah hot air crap show. I’m honestly getting tired of it all.

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