MM and CNN

Max Foster has clearly been recruited to lead the march re: poor Megsy the Russian bot employer and the racist attacks against her.

Maybe Max might pretend to be a journalist and report on the paid accounts Megsy has hired? We really have gotten an education into how utterly untrustworthy many news outlets are.

Anyway since we know she is spending huge amounts of money on pr in the US there really isn’t much point in getting excited is there? MM will go bankrupt buying this pr cause she desperately needs the high profile in the US to finance her preferred expensive luxurious lifestyle so she has to defeat any criticism of herself by screaming “racism”.

We’ll ignore that she wears spray tan to look darker (we saw the evidence of that when she got the henna tattoo and the spray tan washed off revealing much lighter skin). We’ll ignore she is a member of an elite white family where she has gotten every perk. We’ll ignore the issues around character. No – Megsy the chaser of wealthy white men is a victim of racism.

Hey, Max how much you making off this?

This garbage will continue until she divorces Harry or she gets exposed. It is predictable and this is what happens when you can buy the media. Hardly worth getting excited about. Oh, and Max – if you think people voted for Trump because they are racists you are missing the destruction of the working class in the US.

Big hugs and kisses anon!ย  Thank you, JD ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ˜Ž


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