NPR ~ You guys should read this interview

How can the girls on twitter be compared to a Nazi group?  What’s is wrong with MAGA? I didn’t even know what that was until I read this interview, Make America Great Again.

What bothers me you lumped an entire group of people together, and just because MAGA was used a few times those girls they must be racist?  Many people voted for Trump are they all racist?  NO

Lulu, you followed me!  If you only took the time to read everything. I suggest you run to Crazy, Days and Nights, Enty the Entertainment lawyer and learn some stuff about Meghan Markle.  Maybe that will be an eye-opener for you.

Lulu, you don’t know where to look, doll. How many days did you take to come to these conclusions? A week?   Let’s chat after you go to Crazy days and nights, they are blind items, and Enty has an extremely good track record, as seen in Vanity Fair.  One of his podcasts might be even better.


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5 Comments on “NPR ~ You guys should read this interview”

  1. NPR? REALLLLLY? Another ridiculously left-leaning bastion of fake-news “journalism.” I have no interest in listening to ANYTHING said on that station, but I CAN tell you that MAGA supporters are NOT racist. To wit, Ben Carson, Candace Owen’s, C.J. Pearson, Stacy Dash, Terrence Williams, Elder Lansing, Herman Cain, Allan West, the #Blexit movement … The list goes on. If you want the TRUTH of what MAGA represents, reject the liberal propagandist TDS bullshit of NPR, CNN and the NYT, and read what black MAGA conservatives themselves have to say. These are accomplished, educated, successful, SMART people who don’t buy into devisive liberal rhetoric. Check them out. People like Stacey Abrams are sore loser narcissosts who scream racism and conspiracy instead of looking at the big picture to learn what she might have done differently. To wit, Hillary Clinton, who is STILL whining and blaming over the choice of the American people.

    As a whole, conservatives are the opposite of celebrity obssessed. Worship of limousine-liberal celebs is OWNED by libs. And NO ONE from ANY political party in the US, save maybe a few thousand Suits watchers, knew who MM was before Harry. NO ONE cares about her now, unless they need her as an add-on to their own racist use of the race card (Abrams), or as a connection to THE BRF for their own purposes (Clooney).

    MM can spend on PR day and night. She’ll still be a z-list, gold digger no one in the US.


    1. I was PO that they turned it around on us and insinuated we are neo-nazi?? WTF I’m an independent voter but this making me swing to the right

      1. JD, this vile rhetoric is the new liberal bullyspeak. Hardly surprising when the Dems, the party that used to be about American & family values, has become the party that embraces the unmitigated racist HATE of Omar, Tlaib, Ellison AOC, and the toxic lies and obstruction of Pelosi, Waters and Schumer.

        Democratic socialism is LITERALLY the Nazi political creed, and a requirement of keeping that socialism in place was Goebbels’ hate speech tactics. Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it. Vilify anyone who doesn’t follow along like a good little soldier. Malign and dehumanize dissenters.

        I lost so many relatives, among them dozens of small children, to the Nazi gas chambers. And here are Unite STATES DEMOCRATS espousing Göebbels’s tactics to a TEE so that Dems and their media outlets now call ME a Nazi? CNN, that knee-jerk liberal pos fake new creature, calling ME a Nazi because I despise MM? Anyone who gets their “facts” from agenda’d CNN, the NYT, NOT, Time, Newsweek, etc. is intentionally exposing oneself to irrational hate speech. Germany 1930s all over again. Except now POTUS (who fair & square won over Hillary) and conservatives are the Jews.

        Believe me, JD, you’re not the only intelligent, independently thinking person who has had her eyes opened, and is heading toward the #WalkAway movement. There is NO WAY to justify what is coming out of the mouths of Dems, their racist congress members, their limo-lib Hollywood phonies, and their media mouthpieces. What, CNN ran out of weapons against liberals since the Mueller investigation has revealed only collusion by Hillary & Obama, so they threw MM into the mix? They probably worked with her extremely vicious PR.

        Sorry to go on so long, but know that you’re part of a tremendous movement of people opening their eyes and hearts to the new Dem hate, racism, bullying, and repeated calls for violence. WE’RE the Nazis, but it’s okay that teenagers are getting physically assaulted in public and even by their TEACHERS for wearing a MAGA hat? Because the Göebbels process, like the narc process, is to call the Other the danger, brainwash the people to HATE THE OTHER.

        Come visit the conservative world for a week. You’ll find nothing Nazi-like, only calls for the return of American rule of law, values & justice, and a halt to this heretofore UNHEARD OF presidential harassment.

        And this is the party whose ladder MM will try to climb when she returns to the US.

        Friends, wake up & #WALKAWAY 💜

      2. Well written response 👏🏼👏🏼 I’m not an American but totally agree with what you’ve said! I’ve said it before – if you don’t want Donald send him to us, we’ll take him. What’s wrong with wanting to make your country great again, putting your people first, bringing self sufficiency (manufacturing et al) back to your country?? I just wish our Australian pollies would think his way. Anyway, excellent reply with valid points! ☮️😊

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