Oh please … Fake News!

What a bunch of BS! No wonder many people call CNN fake news. This media outlet is quite an embarrassment. They are trying hard to make MM much more important than she really is.

Trump supporters? Lol Most of them DON NOT care about Meghan Markle. They are not interested in her. They are not interested in her royal life. They never heard about Meghan Markle before Harry. And quite frankly, many of those people don’t still know who MM is. She is simply not that popular in the US. That’s the truth.

Meghan Markle channels Sharon Stone


This is a true statement, and many say why bother and who cares? CNN has zero creds but it’s an ultra-liberal outlet like Meg who joined A political family that happens to be a favorite of conservatives in the UK.

The Royal family is enjoying the highest numbers they have seen in quite a while, so why rock the boat?  Maybe the doxing was unsuccessful and backfired in her face going rogue? That’s it go to America, and I can get them there. Twenty people, okay who is overreacting?

I’m sick the to 🤬 death comparing all white people to a bunch of cops that went postal in Missouri.  It was wrong!  Why must everyone be punished over and over again?

Please, remember each state is a country, we are the United States of America it’s a big place.  Different regions, different attitudes.

Meghan claimed to be white at one time, and she can be purple if she wants.  It’s her character that’s in question. One and done doesn’t make you a humanitarian, going on 500k baby shower via private jet doesn’t make you a conservationist.

Yelling at an elderly lady who is head of state over a tiara choice doesn’t make you a good person!  Throwing tea at a staff member is assault!  Being a Diva in a welcoming county is rude and obnoxious.

Did I say one thing about MM’s race? No

Thank you anon, 🌸😎JD




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