Readers Digest ~ Strangest Conspiracy Theories about Meghan Markle

We do love to laugh at it!

One~ Meghan pregnancy is a fake, and we did receive tips in April that she was going to announce a pregnancy around Eugenie’s wedding and I received a tip that she was going to fake a pregnancy in August. The ever-changing bump size since it was first announced has led us to this conclusion.

two – A plot to take over America ~ I remember that one and laughed

three- Love Actually- huh??

four~ Meghan had to go home because she broke the shoe protocol~ where did that one come from?  Is lousy taste not part of the protocol? Should it be?  The queen doesn’t like wedged heels, that’s a dumb one, Kate loves her wedge heels.

five-  The royal family shut down the broadcast of their relatioship~ Oh dear Lord, will they ever go away?  We wish it could be shut down!

Six ~ Meghan is a sleeper agent for the US~ I’ve heard this one, and it was taken from the report that needed to be run down. There is another Meghan Markle that is younger and part of the US intelligence community.

It appears that Paul Bettany and Jimmy Fallon were joking about this one night and people take this stuff literally.   Time to take a chill pill. It’s really about Fame.



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