TP ~ JD opinion

To me, we have this whole cast of characters who come and go with this drama and Toronto paper is just one of the strange cast of characters. Adds some mystery and spookiness to the Harry and Meghan Reality Show. But let’s be honest the ratings for the show are not good. When you need to buy followers and fake accounts to comment as a ploy to make yourself look popular the ratings ain’t good!!! Seems not too many people are watching the show. Poor Megsy No one really likes her. Going to need more than TP to bring in the viewers.

See I’m mixed with this TP person. I think they actually know Meghan, but then again I think they are a troll. They say things that are a lot similar to what is in the blogs, but then they switch it up and say something very interesting. So iI have no idea what to think lol



It’s confused Anon!

Well, I got a different opinion about Torontopaper1, since this came in, I’m really extra cautious because I knew too much was sounding like Skippy and me.  I was saying wow, I said that also! Notice the MM twinkies haven’t bitched a fit? That should be everyone’s first clue.

Hi JD, Vin, Hope you are OK. I may be the only one but still, think Tor Paps could be trolling or mocking bloggers and anons by repeating what is being written in these fora. An incredible darling who used to visit blogs in person to mock and gloat stopped after mention of attorneys by you and RCMP in another blog and has instead created this account. Cheers Ko
Ko is a long time anon; she has built some trust.  This twinkie is still coming to my blog every day without fail; she is not gloating anymore.  Why, because she is over on Twitter spewing her stuff to keep the shit show going.
This shouldn’t be happening any longer. We should all be moving on with other interests, but because this is a scripted drama, it will continue for years to come.  Or Until a smart investigative reporter does more than scratch the surface from 20 tweeters.  Notice how it’s on our end, not MM stans end? How come they weren’t doxed?  Ki native seems to be giving directions over there on twitter.  Why don’t they round that clown up? It’s the one tweeter that most of the girls complain.