I Feel Like Posting My Blog Entry Here.

Since reporters love to snoop and spy on this website, i have something for them to read:

Can I just say something?

I know that these reporters are possibly visiting our blogs, especially mine, so I want to say this:
This girl is walking around with this fake ass bump, there is mad video all over the place. The bloggers here break their asses to prove this woman can’t be pregnant. Squatting in heels, the shit disappears when she sits. Come on! When are you reporters and journalists gonna get off your asses and call this out? When are you going to have the balls? You can dox us for having a fucking public opinion but you can’t see the facts in front of you. Or you just make a stupid ass article and call us trolls. And the family is letting this go? Really? You all want to spy on our blogs looking for negative bullshit because your dictator sent you, why don’t you look at the VIDEO EVIDENCE and fucking do something about it. I think the UK taxpayers deserve to know.

I think we all know who the real troll is.