Clean Bandit

You know what info I just sent you in a PM. Publish the heck out of it, D. This is why M looked green meeting CB — crossed paths.

And oh, Ron Jeremy? Yeah. My former co-worker had him as a screensaver. Was friends with him.
She later was a guest on “an afternoon doctor show.”
Would I pull your…leg?

To be honest, I don’t see the relevance of this article other than they are most likely members of Soho House. Ron Jeremy, why is he part of the conversation?  The porn industry has nothing to do with Markle until I see proof positive that she did one.  Some rumors say she did in her earlier days and if they do exist they are being held back on the dark web for safe keeping. Until that time, it didn’t happen, yet. LOL

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Anon, is talking about crossing paths with Clean Bandit and Speculates that MM might have a run in with the group prior at Soho House. Why did she pull Harry away so quickly? Kate stopped to talk to Grace.  Does MM have a problem with one of the men in the group or is about Grace?

Pictures tell stories, we guess there some uneasiness as Meghan biting her lip and Harry look surprised? and the guy with the beard appears to have some posturing going. I would like to say this is a nanosecond.

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Thank you, Anon, 🌸😎


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  1. Explains her looking a little edgy & pulling Harry away at the time. Must admit that struck me as strange when I saw it ☮️😊

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