Northwestern Cheating?

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In light of the recent college admissions scandal that came to light today, I wonder if Meg’s dad paid to get her into Northwestern. I’ve always wondered how someone who seems so inept get into Northwestern, and I now wonder if perhaps we have our answer.


Thank you for this, I was listening to this on HLN.

We are going to have to keep up on this, it’s breaking news, and as we find out more, then we can discuss the incoming articles and tell me how you feel about this.

This situation is nothing new; it’s been done for decades by affluent families trying to get their inept children into the right universities.  We have to remember athletes too; alums will sponsor a kid that amazing at sports.   My former boss went to Villa Nova and would hire basket players to do nothing at our building, and he hung in the stairwell for hours. All part the game.  Some students that get in on a free ride but have to take on menial tasks to stay there.

Another reason, Because Yale looks better than community college.

MM who knows, Dad says one thing, and she says another, but look for all of that to change or be swept under the carpet. Sarri just told me that there is a reconcilation coming up, I did say this was going to happen. How much did it cost Harry? What were the terms made, NDA and a pile of cash? They were never going to shut up.  They were all in it together from day one.

It’s a shame the Royals can’t see they are being bamboozled by grifters.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎



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