It’s renovation time, leave anons

I got to run and dry my tears because man what a day!  I love our reporters; make sure you’re kind to them. We may disagree, but it’s their job, okay.

Let’s get off of the Meghan Markle subject, and we have so much to chat about.  Tell me your favorite movie, TV show, skin care product, makeup, animals, hot guys, get creative in a PG sort of way.

I love you guys! 🌸😎💖


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13 Comments on “It’s renovation time, leave anons”

  1. Where’s the cafeteria? JD I want to buy you a cup of coffee but I can’t find the vending machine? Help! Can you put directions to it? I’m forever lost on wp I only come here to drink coffee and laugh! Wales xxx

      1. I’m here JD! Thank you for the welcome. I’m always struggling with wordpress, but I persevere because of you! I’m doing ok TY. I must be a masochist bcos I remain in Twitter fighting the good fight to support the RF cya soon x

  2. Wipe them tears sweetly and go have big cold drink and turn on a tv and watch Big Bang Theory. Then little Sheldon. If that doesn’t put smile on your face then go back to November 1980. Remember how young you were, working in a bar (underaged). And the twins or the male strippers. Ok. If that doesn’t work. I have another suggestion. (Hold on , I’m trying to remember it), well that one has gone away. It’s hiding in my brain somewhere. I know remember when yountook my three year old son to make a nursing movindpg of what happens when nursing mom get drunk? Or just remember eastern airlines flights… 😳🤩. And if your mind doesn’t blank for bit then think about how much I love you and at the hardest time of my life you jumped on a plane and were here. I look at that , I was sonalone in the world and you never thought twice to come to help me and you are far from healthy.

    1. And then look st all my typos and auto corrects I didn’t fix and you and Don can OCD over them because I’m not correcting them! 🤷‍♀️😎 except don not reading this. 😳😂

    2. Jeanne, they are tears of joy! The royal reporters have found that there is indeed bot-like behavior and gang mentality that threatened them. One said they would throw acid on our dear sweet Rebecca English face.

      Camilla Toimeny was bombarded with threats, and she only said she was looking into this, that’s it, they attacked her, I couldn’t stand by with good conscious let her take a beating like this. No one came to her aide. I left the most polite assertive message, and they threatened to stop my SSI, turn off my electric. They already knew where I lived.

      Before the wedding the harrassed me for hours and the anons they sent were coming faster then I could block them. They knew my real name, where I lived, said that if I started again, they would come after my family next, there wasn’t anything I could do.

      These monster have branded anyone that wishes to criticize Meghan Markle, a racist! I feel partially vindicated along with the girls that were doxed and harassed.

      My friend they shut me out of my facebook page and listed a number to a scammer in Vegas, as you know it took months to get it back. They outed were I lived with the intentions of humiliating me. I will not go down without a fight!

      I stand with my reporters of the UK; they are crucial to what every Royal blogger does to promote the Royal family. I saw manipulations from day one.

      You were in Port Charlotte when Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married, and I watch the wedding in our Cape Coral Apartment. I was hooked ever since. I’m so glad you are here.
      Love you

    3. LMAO, I was hired to act for a hospital video on how to make a nurse float, 🌸😎😹😹😹😹😹😹😹 wait the trip to Ft Lauderdale Dick’s penthouse and a pelican slammed into our windshield on the way there? what strippers? I remember our blonde twins LOL B & B

    4. The spur of the moment plane ride to Tampa to date the twins, that was so funny! Kuala and cream please, we still on the tarmac! Jeanne is amazing driving, she can apply mascara and drive a stick!

  3. Guardians of The Galaxy. Game of Thrones (I am having nightmares waiting for season 8). Ella Bache skincare (she started in ww1 looking after burn victims). Mac, Lancome. Off to work but happy to start the conversation

    1. Good one Googie! We shall make it happen. I want everyone’s ideas. I’m about to post that Meghan is done with engagements! God heard our prayers! Glory be to him.

      Now, no one should post a blasted thing about her except what reporters find. They are not done, and God sped to them.

      I feel anyone continuing to post clickbait is stirring the pot. That’s my opinion, we all know that as soon as the dumpling appears all hell is going to break loose again.

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