Lori Loughlin turns herself in ~ Daily Mail

Lori deletes all her social media accounts, and they allege she paid 500K to get her kid into USC.

“The scheme was uncovered by the FBI and federal prosecutors in Boston, who discovered the affluent parents involved had paid a total of $6million in bribes to get their children into elite schools including Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, and UCLA. ”

I was talking privately that this has been going for decades so why now go after these Hollywood types?  I’m thinking this is a push back against the liberal Hollywood for sticking their noses in where they don’t belong — just saying!

This is what I want to know; is this the practice of colleges? I say yes, it’s been going on for decades with Athletes, politicians kids who are alumni.  So, who initiates this?  Who got caught offering this scam to parents?  It had to get around that you can do this. Did PR agency help out? Talent agency?  Someone is going to sing like a bird in exchange for immunity.

Please, discuss


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