Macleans~ Meghan Markle has some explaining to do~ trolls/bots

I’m so grateful for this article! I have tears, the only thing I did that day was stuck up for Camilla Toimeny, she was being attacked ruthlessly.  There wasn’t any reason for it.  Here is the proof!

Then later Vin and I were doxed for taking people opinions and saying we don’t want to give Meghan Markle attention anymore.

I still await an apology from Charlotte Wace and Peter Sheridan publicly on the Daily Mail.  You forgot to mention, Enty, The Entertainment lawyer.

What kills me is I love my reporters and always pointing them out, they are in trenches getting the stories.  We rely on them or we wouldn’ t have blogs or twitter accounts.

They are going to continue their work, and I suggest they contact the Daily Mail there’re tons of them there.  JKR and I worked on building a list.  MM and anti-Brexit messages.

, Josh Feldberg, Richard Palmer, Rebecca English, Camilla Tomieny, the friends of thank you for your hard work.  Vin and JD are so grateful for your hard work.




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  1. That Hester Prynne dickhead spews venom everywhere. I’ve seen that monika in replies on a tarot readers YouTube channel. I’d respect them more if they used their real name … well no, not really but … ☮️

    1. I reported the tweet, they didn’t find it harassment. OMG This the same person that sent me anons for hours and said they would go after my family next

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