Meghan – Samantha – Thomas

Meghan is putting this out there before Samantha’s book is published so that she can look like she was extending an olive branch but was rebuffed, when in fact, there was no such offer. She is just trying to make herself look like the victim once again. Disgusting to use the baby for her Machiavellian manipulations! And her smug face makes her very unlikable.


It’s all bullshit anyway, as I said numerous times, Who is the publisher? There is no book, or there would be hype from the publisher.

We all knew that there was going to be a chat about reconciliation and who knows for sure.

Express is saying no way will the Markle’s will ever see the Royal baby. One, I like to correct them, the baby isn’t supposed to be a royal.   If someone delivers a girl it will be no doubt a Lady Diana or a boy who knows, maybe Edward, LOL   Wallis Simpson dig

The Duchess of Excess wants to be all the former wives, which is weird AF!  Let the simpleton be simple and we can eat snacks and laugh.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎