We are going to be talking about skin care over 40

Has your skin changed as you have gotten older? Well, you are not alone, I’ve had the same issues, I sat down with Advanced Product consultant for Mary Kay, Jeanne D, my friend and sister since I was 18 yo.  We are over 50 something and had a lovely time together. Here is the highest compliment she gave me, did you get injections done, Nope!  Love it!  💖💖💖We get one another!



This is what I purchased above, and I swear by this, I did receive the friends discount.

Jeanne took the time to color match me, and I’m so thrilled!  I was wondering why isn’t my foundation not applying/setting as it used too? What I was missing is a primer and the MK foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 goes on like silk, a baby bottom is a correct term.  It’s not greasy, apply upward just in case of any facial hair. Your skin is ready for foundation.

You can still have that youthful skin glow without any injections, ladies. That is my next purchase it retails for  $18, and all these products go a long way.  Most higher end products will.


Summertime is right around the corner, and I’m here in Florida. I like to go bare skin and some mascara and lipgloss.  My gift was a beautiful lipgloss collection, which when she opened up her insulated MK lipstick case I swore angels were singing, AAAAAAhhh, damn girl I want one of those!

Jeanne explained some of the new products out now and gave me some awesome samples. Timewise facial peel, Timewise vitamin C activating squares and some lipstick samples with an applicator brush included.

My all time must have is Satin hands, it’s amazing not only for your hands, elbows, and feet and where you have any dry, cracking on your skin.  You’ll be amazed how much dead skin comes off.


Here is what I like you to do, send your questions into this post. Jeanne has signed up for the blog, and she can answer all your questions.  I’ll leave this sticky for a while see how many questions we can get for her. Even If you’re younger and your skin is oily, She can help you too.

I trust her, Jeanne is a girl that glanced at the college material and got A’s. I studied all night and got a B.  She is an amazing person and the stories we can tell but we won’t lol. OMG, we were naughty but fun, did you guys read the pelican story going across Alligator Alley?  Maybe she should tell it.  I love her to death.

Jeanne can drop shipped anywhere in the US. I’m not making a dime other than being an MK user and a dear friend.


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5 Comments on “We are going to be talking about skin care over 40”

  1. I’m not good with blogging and websight anymore. What I am great at is your skin! Head to toe. We spend money on clothes , cars, etc. but just but what about our skin. It starts when your a teenager good skin care.. Skin care doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. People often hear the Mary Kay name and think money . No. Mary Kay is the most reasonable priced quality skin care there is. There isn’t a lot of quality skin care. We keep that 500 set your buying from company z to 200. Or the 250 set at 110. Quality is incomparable. Reason we can is we deal directly with Mary Kay, no middle man. We don’t just shove products in store. We take time. Get what’s best for you and go from there. What’s really amazing Mary Kay gives 100 percent guarantee. I became a Mary Kay Consultant because of what it did for my skin. Jersey Deanne said I was 56. I’m actually 64 and I don’t have but a couple wrinkle. I’ve been through major health issues to. And even cancer in the neck area in 2015 so other than surgery scars there is no reason you have live with turkey neck. I am a terrible texter but I so want to help everyone feel and look their best. All women and most men are beautiful but do feel it sometimes. This is where I come in. I will show you your beautiful and can’t see it. May take a month but it will show. I love my Mary Kay and I want you to have the opportunity to love it to. Contact me. My websight is http://www.marykay.com/JDubrasky. My cell phone is(239) 634-5585. And if you live anywhere in the us I can help. We can even face time , Skype or even do a facial via online internet if you like. I also do wedding party makeup. Gifts galore. I love to make personalized gifts in your budget. Home parties. One on one. Come to the studio parties or one on one. Whatever has to do with skin care, color makeover. Proper makeup application and typing for your skin. I am qualified. So let’s just do it. Laughter is required and you can laugh because I have the eye cream to remove those wrinkles. I’d love to teach you the tricks I know and what to do and not do at every age.
    Waiting to hear from you!~. #itsallaboutmarykay

    1. No, I’m 56, I was joking you are 49 something! You look, marvelous darling! She really does and always have. Since we were young, we have always taken care of our skin. The two of us were always trying new makeup styles. I lived for Glamour Magazine! Jeanne is brilliant. I’ve always looked up to her.

      I tried vitamin C from Mary Kay loved it! No irritation I adore the timewise repair set, my skin thanks, Jeanne! 💋💋💋

      1. Jeanne, you can blog, it takes some time to find your style, but I know you are brilliant. I made you an editor so that you can come into admin; we have to get together and show you how it works from your notebook. All people who are authors can come in and make a post. There are multiple boxes to choose, and once you get used to them, it goes quickly.

        Googie made some post last night and so excited. If you missed something like tags, I will come in and correct them, no worries.

        I think most of our friends lean conservative and so do I. You’re welcome to post here. If you want to, I can add a category in your name so people can do easy searches of stuff. Please, experiment and don’t be shy.

        Get the WordPress app and stay informed, I’m so happy I figured it out and stayed with WordPress.

  2. Omg! You won’t believe this – I was a Mary Kay consultant over 30 years ago in NZ!! Great products, totally concur. ☮️😊

    1. Really! I love their products! They have come along way. Sleek packaging, very modern, oh and my gift from Jeanne was a sampling of lipgloss, and they taste like vanilla cake batter. Six small tubes with a jeweled top, adorable. Nom Nom

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