Yeah right~ Papa and Meghan

If she really wanted to reconcile with Papa, she’d do it now and not announce it in the tabs. She is trying to do a charm offensive cause she realizes she is hated. Too little too late. Not to mention she wants that US tour so promising a reconciliation might be an incentive to give it to her as well as giving PR for a tour few in the US will give a shit about.

If you sincerely want to heal you do not announce it in the tabs nor wait several months to do it. Life is fragile who knows what might happen to her father while she “waits.” This is more Meghan PR bull shit especially since there is no rift to begin with Papa is in on her scam with her for sure.

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I agree with you since the failed attempt by Serena PR crisis agency to shame people with opinions and call them trolls. Run her father over with a semi-truck, which delighted her followers.

Maybe she should have listened to the palace after all.  Considering her father was never for invited, to begin with, I mean he doesn’t have an invitation. Now I can’t wait for her father to produce one, hurry up Meg and produce one.  Since money is no object. Hell, the taxpayers will pick up the tab or take some money from the charity foundation.  Considering she is above the law.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


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