US tour?

“The University of Southern California, Yale University and several other elite colleges are being sued by two Stanford University students who claim they were denied a fair opportunity for admission and have had their degrees devalued due to the college cheating scheme revealed by federal officials Tuesday” The US tour my a$$! One scandal after another … The rich and powerful are going down like nobody’s ever seen before. MM is better to sit quietly with her mouth shut.


You mean Hollywood elite is going down as you’ve never seen.  Not that I want to see this but if wrongdoing is happening and others more worthy had the chance at an opportunity to excel with a diploma of their dream university and were cheated so be it.

Our president has to expand on the wall the Democrats started in the first place to stop drug trafficking and the human trafficker’s. Did you know why they separate the children? To see if they are related to the so-called parent, DNA testing has to be done.  Children are being sold to pedo’s to get their jolly’s.  Along with human slavery, the times for indentured servitude ended with emancipation proclamation Build the wall. Lock these bastards up!

We won’t be bullied into paying for a US tour for a MEGlomanic.  Let the#metoo movement or Times up pay for it.  They have 22 million at their deposal.  There are more important things to do then two hypocrites preaching their rhetoric to the American people stirring the shit pot.

I like to think I’m fair, but Hillary Clinton is the one at fault she neglected on purpose to come out and congratulate the victor and be a good sport.   She should have said, “please support your new president.” Instead, rallies were organized and paid for by rich billionaires dividing this country further.

I’m an independent voter, and I did miss this election, but I got to tell you I ‘d rather have Trump than that poor loser any day.  I will vote for him in this coming election; I like that we can afford necessities now and go to a normal supermarket and gas prices are half of what it was. That is what voters will think when they make their choice.  Am I better off? ask yourself that

In closing, maybe Hollywood should make movies and stop their bullshit in politics. They are hypocrites just like the dynamic duo. I want the old Harry back!  MM said if Trump wins she moving to a different country, bye Girl!  This has always been about politics. That’s my opinion.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎JD


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