$5 million to Markles ?

I was wondering where you found that Harry and Meghan have paid her family $5 million? !!!!
And why isn’t his known? And it hasn’t shut them up? Yikes!


I posted the Enty, the Entertainment lawyer Blind item from CDAN.  The only thing is, was it paid to the Tom or Doria? Once you start paying you never stop paying. Thomas hinted to a sort dowry for marrying MM before the marriage, quite sure it was the Daily Mail.

Someone, a friend of sorts, is leaking to Enty and that is good for us.  How true is it?  It’s conjecture, but Enty has an 80% success rate.  Enty’s the only blind items I trust. Sign up for his podcasts.

I still think they are all in it together due to the connection with Coleman Raynor and Splash News.  Lovenoway and the girls from royals online found a connection with Splash sister company did Serena and MM websites.

Something isn’t right there.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎JD


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