Meghan the Politician lol

Meghan can talk politics as much as she wants to. But for office? Lol Oprah reconsidered her presidential run because she was explained that as soon as she starts off her campaign, her friendship with Uncle Harvey will be revealed to the public right away … MM is trying to figure out how she will make money after Harry. Any available opportunity for her?


Not in politics, the opposition will tear her to pieces! Meghan is not fiscally responsible, why would anyone vote for a person that won’t consider the people first.

The British public suffers, and she spent a million on clothes MM wears once. She could have tons of clothes for the price, but according to Enty, the Entertainment lawyer’s spies say she is charging designers to wear said clothes.  Isn’t that working to promote designers? Meghan is forbidden to work under her visa, who is going to be brave enough to ask questions?

We need the best reporters to inquire using their best tactics to get to the bottom of this dilemma.

The royal family is not supposed to meddle in politics, and Charles promised, is he breaking that promise to the people? Meghan has successfully influenced the Prince of Wales.  IMO she will bring them all down.

Is the Monarchy up for sale?  Did you notice they awarded the Smart Works charity with OBE?  Even though it’s a wonderful charity the timing, the award is mighty suspicious.


Now, Amal Clooney, she met Meghan for the first time at the wedding. George Clooney is represented by Creative Artist Agency, many from the CAA list of stars coming to Meghan Markle’s aide. Most are involved with Time’s up or MeToo movement.  Great concept but, the justice system is the rule of law, not witch hunting.

Prince Charles is making Amal a figurehead for the Prince’s trust. Why? No one else in GB that is qualified?

As far as Meghan’s afterlife she will write a tell-all.

Thank you for your ask, 🌸😎JD


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