Oh, sh#t

Mar. 15, 2019 – 3:06 – The Justice Department ‘negotiated’ an agreement with Hillary Clinton’s legal team to block FBI access to emails on her private server regarding the Clinton Foundation, according to testimony from former FBI special agent Peter Strzok. (Much more to come)—— Wow! In this point, you cannot say Obama knew nothing? And they wanted to say Trump was corrupt? He was but not on the same level as Clinton.

Now Hillary’s former adviser will be advising MM? Lol if MM wants the US tour, the #metoo movement, Clooney the climate chance and open border hypocrite, and Hillary herself should pay for all the expenses.


I agree with anon, and I even said the other day in a post it’s pretty clear to me how involved the Hollywood industry is conducting the BRF for their gain.

Why does an American industry need to stick their noses where it doesn’t belong? Prince Andrew, I’m afraid, the agenda is clear they are going after sexual abusers, however, I also said that’s why we have the justice system.  Witch hunts were outlawed a very long time ago and the presumption of innocence until proved guilty in a court of law and sentenced by the jury of their peers is what is needed.

The Micheal Jackson accusations coming after his death by Oprah Winfrey and HBO shows the agenda for the METoo movement and Time’s up. The biggest hypocrite is putting people on trial in the court of public opinion therefore poisoning the jury pool.  No man or woman will ever get a fair trial.  They have 22 million dollars to do with as they please.  I pray the DOJ looks into this practice and shuts it down.

Hillary and the Clinton Foundation represented by Sunshine Sachs, okay and people said I’m a conspiracy theorists, HA!  What do you think now?  IMO they all knew!

I expect some blowback from this.  It’s time for them to feel some pain for a change, drain the swamp!

Thank you anon,  🌸😎


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  1. Agree 100% with you and commenter Jeanne Dubrasky. I’m not going to fold under lib fascist shaming and not stand up for the TRUTH.

  2. I agree. She’s a downright bottom line evil to the core , murderer, liar, disgusting example of a human being. The entire system is so corrupt. They hate Trump because he knows and makes it hard for them to turn into world order. Obama and that witch of a wife and Oprah are all nasty, two faced stinkier power grabbing people. Now I’m done.

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