LOL Meghan lives in a fantasy world. She fantasized at one time about entering the diplomatic service probably because of the guy she conned into the secret marriage. The fantasy remains with her. She has an IQ of -50. She is good at sprouting out buzz words and going with what she reads in Time and the Economist but has no real understanding of anything in depth. She thinks when she dumps Harry she will get some UN ambassador job and merch her way to fame and glory as some Angie or Amal wannabe — not happening.

Just because you’re interested in politics doesn’t ever mean you would be a good politician!  Fantasy of being a mover and a shaker may be swirling in her head, but once those numbers go south so will she.

I trust in the British press to find out about who is responsible for the attack on our reporters.  We all know who it is, we need the media to report the proof, and then Markle and her PR Troll machine should be shut down.

I’m hoping for a sincere apology, which we will look forward to MM trying her best acting skills with tears on command. The perpetual victim.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎JD


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