Divorce in the Royal Family !!

The distant cousin of HM divorces her husband of 14 years, the maori Gary Lewis, was the first mixed marriage in the royal family. Now you can no longer use this marriage as an example for MM. The excuse for divorce has been “Cultural differences.”

Cultural differences” after 14 years? Ummm I do not know. How much is left to MM?

It was not an “Accelerated marriage” and not performed with haste like that of MM, they were engaged to the 4 years.

Will they use this divorce to cause stress and anxiety in MM? I think so.


El matrimonio de Gary y Lady Davina ha golpeado las rocas después de 14 años.Imagen relacionadaLa pareja tiene una hija, Senna Kowhai, que ahora tiene ocho años, y un hijo, Tane Mahuta, seis